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The Business Case for Hosted VoIP - Rounding out the List

Over the past three posts, I’ve outlined seven factors that SMBs can build a business case around for hosted VoIP. My overall analysis includes ten factors, and I’ll address the remaining three herein. This should be enough to support your decision-making, but I’m sure – and hope – you can identify others as well.

One of the biggest challenges for any premise-based system is keeping things up to date. The reason this is relevant here is because legacy telephony does not have this problem. If you’ve been managing a legacy phone system for a long time, you’ll know that not much has changed, so this topic hasn’t likely come up. As you move to VoIP, that reality changes in two distinct ways.

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The Growing Role of WebRTC in VoIP

Voice over IP is undergoing a quiet revolution thanks to Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC), a technology that embeds voice and video within the browser. Comcast is the latest company to incorporate the technology into its communications offerings, joining an industry “Who’s Who” list that includes Amazon, Google, Facebook, IBM, Microsoft, Samsung, and SAP.

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Free Voice Communications For Gamers

According to a new report from Transparency Market Research, the global voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) program services market, valued at some $70 billion in 2013, is now expected to hit $136 billion by 2020. One of the reasons for this continuing growth is the constant evolution of new, and sometimes surprising, VoIP applications and services.

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